Google Store - Inventory Checkout FAQ

Select products from the Baseline Schwags catalog. Add to Cart and Checkout to place your order. Upon order confirmation, print out the summary sheet and approach Derek and Cathy (or the relevant authority in-charge) to claim the ordered inventories.
Shipping & Delivery
When prompted, select either In-Office if stock is to be checked out from local Google Storeroom, or Out-Office if inventory needs to be shipped to another location.
Privacy & Security
Your details will not be shared with 3rd party.
Returns & Replacements
Contact us for matter regarding product defects.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
No payment is required except for shipping and handling of Out-of-office checkout.
Viewing Orders
You may view all previous orders in "My Account" page (login required).
Updating Account Information
You may update account detail via "My Account" page (login required).